Thursday, September 17, 2009

Creating The River Styx 2009

Halloween Dominion's 2009 Haunt has many talented Haunters working on attraction. I'm in charge of a few rooms and corridors within that Haunt. One of those rooms is called the River Styx, after Dante's Inferno. I will post the progress of this room and final product here on West Coast Hauntrepreneur.
The theme of this year's haunt is Dia de los Muertos, which is a great celebration going back 3,000 years. The traditions in the last few hundred years has blended with traditional Roman Catholic beliefs and superstitions. One of the great Christian poets, Dante Alighieri wrote Divina Commedia, or the Divine Comedy which describes the afterlife as imagined by Christians in the 1300s.
In our dark attraction, we wanted to have the same blending of traditions. We began with Dia de los Muertos and as you "descend" into the haunt, you become Dante as he descends into the 9 Circles of Hell. Each Circle is designed by a different Haunter, and you will also have the opportunity experience their own unique talent and artistic expression. I was lucky enough to get the River Styx.
The River Styx, has its beginning in old Greek mythology and it is river that souls take to the underworld. In the Divina Commedia, this river is in hell and transports you to the deeper circles. The river is described as having the souls of sinners forever drowning in its deep and muddy waters. The picture above illustrates the how Dante viewed this river. Check in often as I take you down my version of the River Styx!

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