Friday, March 26, 2010

HAuNTcon Part 3

Arriving home after a good trip is always rewarding. My wife was kind enough to let us celebrate our FIRST wedding anniversary while attending HAuNTcon.
A short while ago, we fondly remembered our trip and some great quotes we heard on the way. It happens when you walk by a conversation, or when you're just caught in the absurdity of the moment. For the record, thr people of Florida are very welcoming and friendly! Here's our favorites:

"I'm here for a funeral..."-passenger asking us why we were traveling to Florida
"You just have to attend our presentation"-first timeshare sales pitch
"It's just two hours and breakfast"-second timeshare sales pitch
"We spiced it up, because our Bloody Mary mix sucks..."-waitress after ordering a Bloody Mary
"The first time I put it in my butt..."-walking by a young girl, with her friends at Clearwater beach

"Now you're going to think I'm wierd..."-fellow Haunter at HAuNTcon.
"At 600 degrees, everyone would be dead!"-fellow Haunter at HAuNTcon.
"Smell the slaughter house..."
fellow Haunter at HAuNTcon.

"Let's call me a miracle..."-Arthur, bartender at Latin Quarter after explaining he was born when his parents were in their sixties.
"I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear, but how it is"-fellow Haunter at HAuNTcon.
"You guys are suckers for punishment"-fellow Haunter at HAuNTcon.
"I got a pig for Christmas"-fellow Haunter at HAuNTcon.
"I didn't mention the presentation...?"-third timeshare sales pitch
"There might be a group of ten coming in..."-a waitress explaining why we could not seat in a particular area...the restaurant was completely empty.
"It's like Beerfest"-Guest at the German area of Epcot.

"Did scientists wear gogo boots in labs?"-Me, during Spaceship Earth 60s scene.
"Don't's not really a graveyard..."-Mother calming her son at Haunted Mansion.

"The pilot said the plane is broken"-Gate attendant at US Airways.
"This is the second time a plane has broken using this airline on my trip"-Woman waiting at the gate.
"This happened twice now on my trip"-Second woman waiting at the gate.
"Yes, you'll need to change flights---wait you don't need to change"-Customer Service Rep on the phone.
"Yes, you need to change---please hold---no you don't need to change"-Customer Service Rep on the phone.
"Yes, you need to change...but we can't do it"-Customer Service Rep on the phone.
"You need more? You guys are ready to go...?"-Shuttle attendant giving the emergency plan...welcome to LAX, to fast to
listen to safety!

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