Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Dominion Day 1

Last night concluded Halloween Dominion's 2009 Haunt--Dia de los Muertos. This officially ended our home haunt, and begins our venture into the business world. In 1988, as young kids, my brother and I were completely bored on Halloween. As I turned to him I said, "we should do a Halloween Party next year". In 1989, that became a reality with the help my of family. Every year since then, it grew from a few decorations to the Haunt that we just wrapped.
Halloween 20 years ago has drastically changed. From the decline of Trick o' Treating to the rise of the Halloween Haunt Industry. How and where will out new company fit in this unique holiday? That's what forming the company in the next few weeks will determine. The questions we hope to answer are the same questions every company must ask:

•What is our purpose?
•What is our vision?
•Who are our customers?

I also realize how much I need to change my perspective on this Halloween Haunt. After 20 years, our 'Halloween Party' returns to being a party and our Haunt now becomes a full business. I can't help but to feel a sense of loss and excitement all at the same time. WCH will take you on our journey as I turn my passion into a business. I never believed in luck, and with our talented team I have no doubt we will be successful.

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