Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Social Responsibility

Under corporate law, once a company is incorporated, the corporate itself becomes its own entity. As such, the corporate assumes the role of a functioning member of society.
During the corporate scandals of the early 2000s, there was a push back on irresponsible corporations that left thousands, if not hundred of thousands with lost retirement funds and lost jobs.
Flash forward a few years, and Wall Street ushered in a recession that caused more job losses and debunked businesses. So after all these terrible examples against corporations---is there any redeemable examples of an outstanding businesses out there?
There are, if not easy to find. However, many businesses do play a part in mobilizing great resources when disasters hit.
The recent Haitian Earthquake demand quick action from the world to help rebuild the country and bring a sense of normalacy back to the population.
Many corporations have donated money have have energize their employees to do the same. Starbucks has donated $1 Million through the Starbucks Foundation to the relief effort. Actions like these are rolemodel for making corporations a great member of society.
In 1994, on MLK weekend the Northridge Earthquake devestated my local community. Through help from the government and many friends and family members we got back on our feet quickly.
Now 16 years later, another community needs our help.
Through Starbucks and my local
community I will embark on a two week fundraising endeavor to raise funds for the Haiti Relief effort. My initial contribution is $130. Not much, but that money can reach more people than I would use it for. I urge everyone to help our fellow human beings, and extend what you can. Business and people alike can change the course of many lives in our world in a positive way.
Donate today!

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