Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back from the grave!

Hello everyone and Happy 2010! After a successful Halloween Season, it was time to take a break, enjoy the holidays with friends and family and return to the daily grind of my non-Halloween jobs.
2010 will be a big year for Halloween Dominion as we embark on transforming this 20 year old home haunt to a professional business. I plan to chronical these endeavor on this blog. In the mean time, many business topics that I find interesting will be open for discussion as we form a new business, and hopefully provide some useful information to other entreprenuers who are looking to build their own brand!
To me, business in America has gone through a rebirth, revolution or evolution depending on who you talk to. What will be the outcome of the recession on the way we do business? The common consensus is that we'll become more profit oriented. That the employee will now become a bigger slave to their firms. This
might be true in many instances, but there is another option. A new way of thinking to evolve the American business model, in what Stephen Covey calls a "win-win" mentality. However, this mentality is hard to grow and even harder to instill into an organization. It requires high trust and people empowerment. This is the type of business I hope to create, an organization that focuses on substainable profit and a work/life balance. This can be a naive concept, or the start of how America will again lead business in the world.

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